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Cosco Scenera NEXT
Cosco Scenera NEXT
Cosco Scenera NEXT
Cosco Scenera NEXT
Cosco Scenera NEXT
Cosco Scenera NEXT
Cosco Scenera NEXT
Cosco Scenera NEXT
Cosco Scenera NEXT
Cosco Scenera NEXT

Cosco Scenera NEXT


Product Description

This amazingly versatile seat is the only car seat a child needs from birth (until they're ready for a booster seat), keeps them rear facing to 18kg, at a mere 3kg is the lightest seat on the market, is super quick and easy to install in any Singapore taxi/Uber/Grab, is compatible with many strollers, can be used onboard airplanes, can fit three across the backseat of a sedan, AND is the best-value seat in Singapore with a tiny RRP of S$239. INCLUDES taxi-friendly locking clip. ​Ships from Singapore; prices in SGD.

Please note - When using the Cosco Scenera NEXT outside the USA, you must use a seat belt locking clip (our taxi-friendly locking clip is the easiest). The US has different seat belts from the rest of the world and their seat belts have a second mode called 'child restraint mode' which firmly locks the seat belt in place. US car seats, like this Cosco Scenera NEXT, are designed to be used with a locked US seat belt, so when used with a European seat belt, such as in Singapore, a locking clip is mandatory. All Cosco seats sold by Taxi Baby include a locking clip for free.

We love the Cosco Scenera NEXT, it's our most-recommended taxi-friendly car seat. Here's why -

  • Safety first: Keeps your child five times safer in a rear facing seat with a 5-point harness and Side Impact Protection
  • Ultra lightweight: At just 3kg, this is the lightest seat on the market
  • Taxi-friendly: Installs quickly and easily in any Singaporean taxi, Uber or GrabCar (with included locking clip)
  • Portable: Fits on most strollers (some officially, some 'hacked') or can be easily carried with a shoulder strap
  • Long-lasting: This is the only car seat most children will need from birth until they're ready for a booster seat (4-6 years old)

​The Cosco Scenera NEXT is simply a smarter car seat – designed for families who know what they need. It keeps kids safer with Side Impact Protection built into the headrest, and a 5-point harness that adjusts easily from the front of the seat. The harness features 5 heights and 3 buckle locations so you can be sure you’re giving the best fit to your growing child. And to fit your growing family (or the neighborhood car pool), the Scenera NEXT easily fits three across in the back seat.

If your chosen vehicle happens to be an airplane, the Scenera NEXT has got you covered. Certified for use on aircraft (by the FAA; see the section 'Using the Scenera NEXT on a plane' below for more details), it gives your child a familiar seat during the flight. The lightweight and compact design also gets you through the airport without weighing you down.

​With kids in the car, messes happen. Now, thanks to the easy-to-clean car seat pad, there’s no need to stress. The pad comes in a wide range of styles and colours, all of which remove from the seat and are both machine washable and dryer safe. There’s also no more scrubbing goopy build-up from inside the cup holder; it’s dishwasher safe. For both seat pad and cup holder, a thorough wash is just a machine cycle away.

Plus, it has these great features also -

  • Seat pad is machine washable and dryer safe
  • Certified for use on aircraft
  • Side Impact Protection
  • 5-point harness with easy front adjustment
  • 5 harness heights and 3 buckle locations allow for the best fit for growing children
  • Fits 3 across in the back seat of most vehicles
  • Rear-facing 5-40 pounds (19” to 40”)
  • Removable cup holder is dishwasher safe
  • Compact TSA-friendly design for airport security
  • LATCH (ISOfix) equipped and capable for the entire life of the car seat
  • Meets or exceeds US Federal Safety Standards (NHTSA)
  • Made in USA with American and imported parts​

How To Use This Product

Here's our video showing how to set up your Cosco Scenera NEXT straight out of the box (it's a long video, but there are chapter headings so you can fast forward to the section you need).

This video is from the manufacturer of our taxi-friendly locking clip - they generically show how to install the handy little red clip on any car seat.

The following video shows how to install the Cosco Scenera NEXT in a taxi OUTSIDE THE US. US vehicles have different seat belts from the rest of the world and if you're using the Cosco with a non-US seat belt, you absolutely need to use a locking clip.

There may be situations where you want to use the ISOfix (LATCH) belt to install your seat instead of using the seat belt/locking clip combo. The following video from Cosco shows how.

It is possible to install the Scenera NEXT forward facing, but we don't recommend it because -

  • It's five times less safe for your child: rear facing seats have been shown to be 532% safer than their forward facing counterparts. Common misconceptions about rear facing travel include:
    • It's dangerous/uncomfortable for my child's legs. Actually, the opposite is true - forward facing children are at greater risk of broken legs, plus you'll be surprised at how comfortable than can get. Sitting cross-legged or with their legs up on the back of the seat is completely safe.
    • My child can't see out the window. In most vehicles, the opposite is true - forward facing children get a great view of the back of the passenger's seat, while rear facing children can look out the rear and side windows, unobstructed.
    • My child is happier when they can see me. This is not really a misconception - most kids are happier when they can see their parents, but, in our humble opinion, this isn't a good enough reason to turn them forward facing. Instead, install a car-safe baby mirror so bub can keep an eye on you while you're keeping an eye on the road.
  • It's more difficult to install: the forward facing installation requires a tether strap be properly installed, to keep the seat from moving too far forward in an accident. This is an extra step compared to the rear facing installation.
  • You need to book a special taxi: Two-thirds of Singapore's taxi fleet have tether anchors to allow you to install your tether strap, so you will probably need to book ahead and make sure the responding vehicle has a tether anchor.

Compatible Strollers

The Cosco Scenera NEXT is compatible with strollers which feature a frame-style or strap-style universal car seat adapter.

​Examples include:

  • Mountain Buggy Nano (eg. strap-style adapter)
  • Baby Trend Snap-N-Go (eg. frame-style adapter)

UPPAbaby, Baby Jogger and Mountain Buggy make adapters for their strollers which are compatible with the Cosco Scenera NEXT.


Many parents also choose to securely 'hack' their Cosco onto their stroller, either by nestling the car seat into the frame of the stroller (great for strollers with belly bars or rear facing stroller seats), or by securing the Cosco with a luggage strap. We've included photos of our customers' hacks.

Also, since the Cosco is ultralight (only 3kg), it's really easy to use with a shoulder strap.

 Using the Scenera NEXT on a plane

The Cosco Scenera NEXT is FAA-approved and a wonderfully versatile, narrow, simple seat to travel with, both in and out of the plane. Each airline has their own very specific policy when it comes to using car seats onboard and even though the Cosco is airline approved, they may not allow it. Also, some airline staff/crew may not be completely familiar with their own policy so it pays to be prepared.

Here are some tips to a smoother trip when flying with your Cosco:

  1. Check your airline's car seat policy online before booking tickets and/or buying the car seat.
  2. Print or save a screenshot of the relevant policy to show the cabin crew.
  3. Email the airline's customer service to confirm you can use the Cosco onboard your flight, then print their confirmation email to show the cabin crew.
  4. Familiarise yourself with how to install the car seat on a plane <video coming>. Use the same belt path you would use when installing the seat in a vehicle (forward facing belt path is behind the child's back, rear facing belt path is under the child's legs) and be sure to fasten the airplane seat belt as much as possible.
  5. Know where the airline approval sticker is on the seat - the cabin crew will likely ask you to show it.
  6. If you need to check-in your car seat, rather than using it onboard, please please please put it in a box first. Padded bags advertised to protect car seats as check-in luggage only protect from cosmetic damage, they (even padded bags) do not protect the seat from structural damage that may result from the seat being dropped or heavy luggage falling on the seat. This structural damage, although often invisible, may render the seat less effective in the event of an accident.


Cosco Scenera NEXT

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