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Urban Kanga


The Urban Kanga portable car seat was made for the modern urban family lifestyle. Car sharing, carpooling, taxi use and other modern transportation conveniences are now so much easier and enjoyable with this easy folding, lightweight car seat. No need to delay travel plans with this innovative safety seat that only weighs 3kg, fits in most standard suitcases, and meets European safety standards. Suitable for ages 9 months to 4 years, weighing 9 - 18KG. Ships from Singapore.

Product description

We love the Urban Kanga. Here's why -

  • Safety first: Meets European safety standards
  • Ultra lightweight: Just 3kg!
  • Taxi-friendly: Installs quickly and easily in any Singaporean taxi, Uber or GrabCar
  • Portable: Lightweight and foldable it is easily moved in and out of vehicles as needed
  • Long-lasting: Suitable for children 9 months to 4 years

This forward facing portable child restraint falls under the Group 1 Universal category, and is classified as a safety device in the case of an accident. As with all child restraints, correct installation and secure fastening of the child is a must.

Plus it has these great features also -

  • Fold & go feature
  • Quick & easy installation - just 60 seconds!
  • Height adjustable head rest
  • Air cushions in the head rest for additional protection and comfort
  • Five point safety harness with easy adjustment
  • Memory foam padded seat
  • Water resistant mesh backrest
  • Lightweight carry case
  • Removable cover for washing

Whether traveling by car sharing or taxi, travelling to foreign cities, leaving your child with grandma & grandpa or even if you are just tired of having your back seat eliminated by bulky and heavy car seats, the Urban Kanga is the perfect solution for you. Fold & Go!

Safety credentials

All Urban Kanga products are tested and certified to meet or exceed European safety regulations and carry the ECE R44/04 safety certification. This product is a portable child restraint system. Correctly installed and with the child securely fastened, this seat is a safety device in the case of an accident.

Details of the certification can be found on the orange label with the unique approval license number, the type of approval, the mass group approved for and the details of the manufacturer.

• This is a Group 1, forward facing car seat suitable for children weighing
   9-18 Kg. Please only attach this seat to the front of the seat, forward  

• This is a "Universal" child restraint System approved to regulation No. 44,
   04 series of amendments, for general use in vehicles and it will fit most, but
   not all, car seats.

• This Child restraint System is only suitable if the approved vehicles are fitted
   with 3-point retractor safety belts, approved to UN/ECE Regulation No.
   16 or other equivalent standards.

• A correct fit is likely if the vehicle manufacturer has declared in the vehicle
   handbook that the vehicle is capable of accepting a "Universal" child
   restraint for this age group. This child restraint has been classified as
   "Universal" under more stringent conditions than those that applied to earlier
   designs that do not carry this notice. The seal of approval E (in a circle)
   and the approval number are located on the orange approval label (sticker
   on the child safety seat).

• Please observe the instructions for using children's restraining systems in the
  operating instructions of your vehicle.

• Before using, please carefully read the "User Guide" delivered with the
   product and keep for further reference. For your child’s maximum protection,
   it is essential to use and install the child seat according to the instructions in
   this User Guide.

• This seat is suitable for use with children who meet the following
   requirements. Weight: 9kg or more ~ 18kg or less. The back of the child’s
   head must not protrude from the headrest of the product, and may not be
   supported by adults.

How to use this product


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What age can I use this car seat for?
The Urban Kanga portable car seat (Uptown Model TV107) is a group 1 forward facing car seat suitable for children weighing 9-18 Kg (20 to 40 lb), approximately 9 months to 4 years old.

Is it safe?   
The Urban Kanga portable car seat is tested and certified to meet European ECE R44/44 safety standard. For more safety information, please refer to the safety section.

Can I use it in any car?
You can use the Urban Kanga in vehicles that are fitted with 3-point retractor safety belts, approved to UN/ECE Regulation No. 16 or other equivalent standards. Never secure your child or the child safety seat with a 2-point belt.

Can I install it rear facing?
No. The Urban Kanga is designed for forward facing installation only.

Can I position the Urban Kanga  in the center car seat position?
Yes. As long as you have a 3 point retractable car seat belts you can use the Urban Kanga car seat in the left, right or center if the car. Always use forward facing.  

Can I wash the seat cover?
Sure. Please refer to the instruction manual for how to remove the seat cover for washing.

I have a problem with my car seat. Whom should I contact?
Please contact the retailer from who you purchased the product. They will offer you full support backed by Urban Kanga.

Can I use the Urban Kanga car seat in an aircraft?
You can carry the Urban Kanga  as carry on luggage on to most aircraft (subject to airline policies), however it is not suitable for use in-flight. The reason being is that the Urban Kanga requires a 3 point retractable seat belt in order to function correctly.  Airplanes are fitted with 2 point lap belts and are therefore not suitable for use with the Urban Kanga.

What are the differences between the Urban Kanga and Cosco Scenera NEXT?
We've summarised the key differences between these two car seats (please refer to the table below). There is a significant lifestyle difference between the two seats - The Cosco is great if you plan to use a compatible stroller and allows you to have the child buckled in the car seat before the taxi arrives - then, just transfer child+Cosco into the taxi, secure the Cosco and away you go.

The Kanga needs to be installed in the vehicle before the child is buckled into it. This means the child needs to be safely buckled into a stroller, supervised by a companion, or waiting for you inside the taxi while you install the Kanga - then you can buckle the child into the Kanga. This can add a little 'loading time' once the taxi has arrived. However, if your child doesn't like sitting in the car seat while you're out and about, letting them sit in the stroller seat instead might make the Kanga more suited to your family.

What are the folded dimensions of the Urban Kanga? 
When folded, the dimensions are: L 58cm, W 34cm, D 17cm at the top and 18cm at the bottom.

Can the Urban Kanga fit in my stroller basket?
We've had success fitting it in the basket of some of the larger prams like the Baby Jogger City Select and Mountain Buggy Duet, but it's usually a bit too big for regular pram baskets. Another option is to hang the Urban Kanga's carry bag from the handle of your stroller.

Will the Urban Kanga fit on my stroller?
The Kanga is not designed to be used in the seating position of a stroller, or attach to a stroller with adapters (if you are specifically looking for this feature, consider the Cosco Scenera NEXT). However, many parents have managed to 'hack' the Kanga onto their stroller for mobility and convenience. We call these #strollerhacks, and most require the use of our #strollerhack pack which includes a small luggage strap (regular luggage straps are too long for this purpose), bungee cord and bungee loop. Most #strollerhacks mimic the mechanism of the Mountain Buggy Nano's universal car seat adapter, which is effectively and in-build luggage strap.

Here are some Urban Kanga #strollerhacks we've received so far. If you have one, please send it to us! If you can't find your stroller in the list, drop us an email, or give us a call on +65 8866 3351.

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